High precision machining of large and heavy part

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Austria — With the MMV 3200, Emco's customers can define the machine design that suits them best by choosing from the many options. The travelling-column machining centre is available in 3- or 4-axis versions with a B-axis and is designed for heavy chip removal and precision cutting of large and heavy parts.

The travelling-column machining center MMV 3200 from Emco is equipped with a motor spindle with 46 kW spindle power, a torque of up to 170 Nm and a spindle speed of up to 15.000 rpm (18 000 rpm HSK-A63). These powerful features allow users to handle large and heavy workpieces of up to 5000 kg. Both spindle variants are permanently grease-lubricated. The two large work area doors ensure easy loading and unloading of workpieces and fixtures, even when using a crane. The drum magazine of the MMV 3200 has 40 tool pockets as standard; this can be enlarged on request and supplemented by an additional magazine with a further 40 or 60 tool pockets. Likewise, a 40-, 60- or 120-pocket alongside column tool magazine is optionally available for the 4- and 5-axis variants. On the MMV 3200, ball screws, which are directly connected to the motors via backlash-free couplings, transmit the forces and movements in the X, Y and Z axes. This allows axis accelerations of up to 4 m/s2 and rapid traverses of up to 50 m/min to be achieved.

In addition to a stationary tool magazine with 40 pockets (optionally up to 60 pockets) on the left side of the machine, up to a further 60 tool pockets can also be installed on the right. Alternatively, for 4- and 5-axis machines, tool magazines with 40, 60 or 120 pockets can be mounted on the travelling column.

The compact machine bed of the moving column machining centre is a heat-treated, welded steel structure that provides a torsion-resistant and stable base for all components and machining operations.

Working area with movable control panel (Source: Emco)

The machine version with swivel head (B-axis) and rotary table (C-axis) is suited for 5-axis simultaneous machining. Both the swivel head and the rotary table are driven by dynamic torque motors. The swivel head has a range of up to ± 120° and a speed of 50 rpm, the rotary table n x 360° has a speed of up to 100 rpm. The rotary table with Ø 900 mm is designed for workpiece weights of up to 2000 kg. All linear axes are already equipped with glass scales as standard. The dynamic linear axes and torque drives of the rotary axis create ideal conditions for 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex workpieces.

State-of-the-art digital control systems from Heidenhain (TNC 640 - 19" monitor) or Siemens (840D sl - 22" monitor) enable user-friendly machine operation. The ergonomic design of the MMV 3200 with the movable control panel creates ideal working conditions for the operator, who can swivel, rotate as well as move the control panel along the longitudinal axis in the area of the workspace without interrupting the machining process, while keeping the workpiece in view at all times.

Cooling through the spindle (optional) (Source: Emco)

The machining centre can be equipped with numerous options, such as coolant filter systems with high pressure pumps with up to 60 bar through the spindle, which permit the use of high-performance tools with internal cooling. All guides and screw drives are permanently grease-lubricated via a central lubrication system, while oil films are kept from forming in the coolant system.

Touch probes allow automatic measurement of tools and workpieces. RF or laser touch probes are optionally available for this purpose. This reduces the setup time for tool changes and increases the quality of the workpiece.

Thanks to the large working area of the machine, it is possible to optionally add a partition for pendulum operation, a second integrated rotary table or NC axis with counter bearing. Specifications such as automatic door operation or thermal compensation of the milling spindle make the machining centre even more efficient.

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