Metal Sheet Steel Hydraulic Press Fixture Punching Marking Machine (Drilling)

TPP103/TPPR103 (Enhanced model) CNC Punching Marking Machine For PlatesApplicable industry:Used for punch, drill and mark of joint plate in the field of iron tower, steel structure, bridge. It is also used to punch, drill and mark of metal plate of other trade.Product feature:1. The machine-frame is made by C-type plate welding,

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TPP103/TPPR103 (Enhanced model) CNC Punching Marking Machine For Plates

Applicable industry:
Used for punch, drill and mark of joint plate in the field of iron tower, steel structure, bridge. It is also used to punch, drill and mark of metal plate of other trade.

Product feature:
1. The machine-frame is made by C-type plate welding, with good rigidity and big handling space. The machine sets three die-stations (among them, one is the marking die-station), automatic switching die-stations. Clamping system can adapt to different work-piece, with zero baffle as datum mark, and work-piece supported by rolling-ball working table. Axis X & Y action should be controlled by servo motor and ball-screw driving, and double-axis CNC system controls the position of punching, so as to make the whole machining process automatically; operator may input the sizes of work-piece to computer for repeated calling program in the future.
2. Adopt CNC technology, servo motor infeeding, with high efficiency, stable work-piece precision.
3. Important functional components adopt modular assembly, easy to repair it.
4. Carry out punching, marking and drilling on the one plate.
5. Drilling unit has the functions including rapid falling, slow work-feeding and quick feeding back to improve working efficiency.
6. Easy programming, may input the diameter and position of holes to computer, and also may use the program generated by lofting software, or adopt direct conversion CAD/CAM.
7. The hydraulic station adopts double pump, single motor, water cooling system, sleeve type coupling for all pipelines. The glue of hose and coupling are exported.
8. The X & Y axis are driven by servo motor, ball screw and linear guide, which ensure the high precision.
9. With self-diagnosis failures function.
10. Lighten the working strength of workers.
11. POWER: Three phase four wire systems
   AC Voltage: 380V
   Fluctuation of voltage: ±5%
   Frequency: 50Hz
   Local working temperature: 0-40ºC
Special advantages:
Hydraulic station adopts dual-pump and single motor. Punching speed is faster than other company's, so it is more efficient and improve the workshop ability.
It adopts sleeve-type coupling for all pipelines, which avoid leakage. The glue of hose and coupling are exported from Germany.

Product Basic Parameter:
Max size of work piece  L×W(mm)1500×800
Max. punching diameter (mm)Φ26
Plate punching thickNess (mm)5~25(Q235)5~25(Q345)
Max. drilling diameter (mm)Φ50
Max. drilling thickNess (mm)40
Punching force (kN)10001200
Marking force (kN)8001000
Min. distance between hole and plate edge (mm)Punching25
DrillingDepends on hole diameter
Character dimension (mm)14×10×19
Qty. of character1216
Feeding speed of drilling(mm/min)25~280
Stroke of drilling spindle(mm)180
Rotation speed of drilling spindle(r/min)120~560
Programming mode Auto CAD or lofting software
Overall dimensions  L×W×H (mm)3200×3000×26003300×3200×2600
Machine weight (Kg)58007000

Metal Plate Steel Hydraulic Press Clamp Punching Marking Machine (Drilling)

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Metal Plate Steel Hydraulic Press Clamp Punching Marking Machine (Drilling)
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The seller shall send one engineer to the buyer's country for installation, commissioning and training. The buyer is responsible to provide all necessary equipments for handling and lifting the machine parts before seller's engineers go to the buyer's plant. In addition, the buyer should provide workers to support in installation activities, under supervision from the seller's engineers.


The Supplier should give drawings and other details of material/preparation required for installation of machinery which the buyer has to prepare and keep ready before the machine arrives at the buyer's factory. Installation and commissioning can be finished within 5-10 days for above machine generally. 


Training will include training on computer programming, machine operation and troubleshooting. The training time is at most 5 days for this machine. 

The buyer should arrange no less than two people for accepting training. After training, the buyer should sign the "Receiving & Inspection Report" supplied by the seller to demonstrate the successful finish of commissioning and acceptance of the buyer.

Metal Plate Steel Hydraulic Press Clamp Punching Marking Machine (Drilling)

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Packing Details  : Packing, this model need 1*20GP;
Delivery Details : 30-50 days after get the first payment.

1. Special logistics packaging
2. Suitable carton size
3. Fasten
4. Professional placement
5. Professional shock
6. Complete package
Metal Plate Steel Hydraulic Press Clamp Punching Marking Machine (Drilling)

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