High-speed, high-quality, high-quality platesetter, CTP machine

Technical ParametersModelThermalUVT824T832T848T864T8128U824U832U848U864U8128NO.of lasers2432486412824324864128Throughput(1130*800)13182328451318232845Max.Min.FormatMAX:1160*940                MIN:400*350MAX:1160*940      &nbs

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High Speed, High Quality, High Quality Plate Making Machine, CTP Machine
High Speed, High Quality, High Quality Plate Making Machine, CTP Machine
Technical Parameters
NO.of lasers2432486412824324864128
Max.Min.FormatMAX:1160*940                MIN:400*350MAX:1160*940                MIN:400*350
Laser source830nm405nm
Loading system Automatic,Semi-Auto(Optional Auto-loader)
Plate requirementCD. 0.15-0.4 (Thermal plate)CD. 0.15-0.4 UV plate
Interface1-bit Tiff interface and direct workflow driver,support CIP3/CIP4
PowerAC220V,50-60HZ 5.5KVA
Work environmentTemperature:20-25ºC,Humility:40%-80%
Computer plate making machine (CTP machine, CTCP machine)
The most advanced and latest fiber lasers are used to make the plates, and the imaging is accurate and fast.
For plate making machines, our company has new and used machines. Thermal and UV. Split machines and conjoined machines.
Calculating as a one-piece machine, a 50-square-foot room is needed to place the machine.
Brand new machine, two years warranty, all parts are made by the factory.
Second-hand machines are given a one-year warranty. Before delivery, my engineer will do three detailed inspections and replace damaged parts to give customers a different feeling. Let customers get the best.
Publishing machine, maximum production size: 1160 * 940, minimum production size: 400 * 350.
Applicable plate model: 0.15 thickness-0.4 thickness. Thermal plates and UV plates.
Different models of machines have different production times and speeds. The platemaking accuracy is very high.

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