CK84160 China's first horizontal lathe turning roller CNC lathe

China Large Professional Horizontal Roll Turning CNC Lathe (Conventional & CNC control,both are Available)For Turning and Grinding Shaft, Cylinders, Oil Pipe, Marine Propeller Shaft,Tire Mold, Railway Parts,Wheel Hub Turbine,Flange,etc 1. Outstanding Characteristics: Our company was established in 1969 as

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China Large Professional Horizontal Roll Turning CNC Lathe 
(Conventional & CNC control,both are Available)

For Turning and Grinding Shaft, Cylinders, Oil Pipe, Marine Propeller Shaft,Tire Mold, Railway Parts,Wheel Hub Turbine,Flange,etc

Ck84160 China First Horizontal Roll Turning CNC Lathe for Turning Roll

1. Outstanding Characteristics: 

Our company was established in 1969 as a military enterprise at the beginning. With more than 50 years experience, we are specialized in re-designing and manufacturing customized lathe machines per your special demands and requests.

1). Reasonable Structure and excellent performance. 

2.). High Rigidity, Stability and Precision Maintenance

3.) Permanent After-sale Service to ensure maximum customer's profitability.  

4.) Engineers are available for free over-sea installation,commissioning and Training the operators at customer's factory. 

5.) All components for machine are freely provided within 3 days by Air to prevent customer's production suspended and minimum customer 's loss within warranty period.

6.)  The Main machine components are strictly inspected by the advanced CMM to ensure the excellent quality and high precision. 

The following picture is the main part that are inspected .

Ck84160 China First Horizontal Roll Turning CNC Lathe for Turning Roll

Our Principle : Maximize Customer's Profitability under the minimum invest cost.

This series horizontal Roll turning CNC lathe can utilize high-speed steel and carbide cutting tools to finish rough or finish turning process for not only the non-ferrous metals like various structure steels, casting steels and irons, but also the external/internal cylindrical / conical/ spherical surfaces, thread of non-metal materials and all kinds of the surface of curve rotary body. What's more, it can also realize the constant speed cutting line. It has both turning and Grinding functions that can finish machining the part one time, which saves clamping times and improve the working efficiency for customers
Ck84160 China First Horizontal Roll Turning CNC Lathe for Turning Roll
2. Technical Parameters of horizontal roll turning cnc lathe
CK84--Roll Turning CNC Lathe Machine 
Guide Rail Type   4 Guide rails 4 Guide rails 4 Guide rails 4 Guide rails 4 Guide rails 4 Guide rails
                            Max.Diameter of Work-piecemmφ650mmφ800mmφ1000mmφ1250mmφ1600mmφ2000 mm
Guide Rail Width of Machine Bedmm1000mm1100mm1400mm1600mm1800mm2000mm
Chuck Diametermmφ1000mm φ1100mm φ1400mm φ1600mm φ1800mmφ2000mm 
Chuck Jaw Lengthmm250mm 250mm320mm320mm320mm320mm
Max.Length of Work-piecemm4000mm5000mm8000mm12000mm150000mm20000mm
Work-piece Weight T10T18T25T32T40T50T
Spindle Diametermmφ190mmφ220mmφ260mmφ300mmφ300mmφ360mm
Spindle Speed r/min5-260r/min2-165r/min2-130r/min2-130r/min2-80r/min0.5-80r/min
                                       Spindle Tips Size Metric 120 1:7Metric 120 1:7Metric 120 1:7Metric 120 1:7Metric 160 1:7Metric 160 1:7
 X Axis Stroke mm50-325mm50-400mm`50-500mm100-625mm100-800mm200-1000mm
Z Axis Stroke mm1000-4000mm1000-5000mm2000-8000mm2000-12000mm3000-15000mm3000-20000mm
 X axis Rapid Speedmm/min2000mm/min2000mm/min2000mm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min
Z axis Rapid Speedmm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min3000mm/min
Tailstock spindle diametermmφ240mmφ290mmφ290mmφ320mmφ320mmφ410mm
Tailstock sleeve stroke mm300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm
Moving method of tailstock Electrical controlElectrical controlElectrical controlElectrical controlElectrical controlElectrical control
Max.cutting force of single tool KN60KN80KN80KN80KN100KN150KN
Max.Torque of Chuck KN·m13KN·m22KN·m33KN·m40KN·m90KN·m233KN·m
Total cutting force KN45KN60KN70KN110KN160KN210KN
Main Motor PowerKW22KW37KW45KW55KW75KW 128KW
Lubrication Motor Power KW0.37KW0.37KW0.55KW0.55KW0.55KW0.55KW
Cylindricity mm0.03/300mm0.03/300mm0.03/300mm0.03/300mm0.03/300mm0.03/300mm
Machine Size mm6000*2000*14007500*2200*165081000*2750*195010000*3100*215010500*3200*240012500*3600*2650
Machine Weight T20T23T26T35T46T65T


1. The above 6 models of Heavy Duty Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine are the standard configurations, we can also design and manufacture customized lathe machines according to the user's workpiece features. So that when you inquire of our lathe machine,
 please kindly inform us the Length,Diameter,Width,Weight of work-piece, we can recommend the proper machine. Both Conventional or CNC Control are OK, please laso tell us which type you need when you inquire. Thanks

2. This series heavy duty horizontal CNC Lathe Machine have been exported to Georgia, Pakistan, South Africa, Norway, Thailand, Romania, Iran, Russia, Chile for machining Roll, Shaft, Cylinders, railway parts, automobile parts, mining and metallurgy, shipping building, wind power and other machinery industry. 

 3. Package and Shipment

Ck84160 China First Horizontal Roll Turning CNC Lathe for Turning Roll

 Anti-rust Oil /Anti-Corrosive Oil for the whole machine. Wrapping protective film.

Wooden Box package, vacumm package is also available per customer's special request. 

4. After-sale Service& Maintenance

1. We provide professional technical training for users' operators and maintenance staff to enable them to properly use and operate the lathe and carry out normal maintenance.

2. Warranty period: One year after acceptance of the lathe. We can also extend the warranty period according to customer's special demands. 

3. In case of any quality problem found during operation, the factory will dispatch personnel to the user's location within 48 hours (domestic users) & within 3 days (Foreign Customer) and the technical staff won't leave before resolving the malfuntion.

4. The company will freely provide different electrical and mechanical parts for the purchased lathe timely within warranty period.

5. The company will provide lifetime guarantee for the consulting services in terms of application, maintenance, repair, renovation, etc of equipments.

For more details, please feel free to contact us. And we warmly welcome you to visit our company for technonolgy discussion and business negociation. Thanks!

Best Regards,

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