Flange, steel plate high-speed drilling machine

Applicable Industry: Mainly used for drilling tube plate, clapboard, flange and large plate in petrochemical, boiler, wind power, flange industries and also for connection plates in building, bridge, heat exchange, iron tower industries.Product feature:1. The machine consists of work table, gantry, slide carriage, powe

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Applicable Industry: Mainly used for drilling tube plate, clapboard, flange and large plate in petrochemical, boiler, wind power, flange industries and also for connection plates in building, bridge, heat exchange, iron tower industries.
Product feature:
1. The machine consists of work table, gantry, slide carriage, power head, CNC system, cooling chips discharge system etc.

2. The machine works in mode of work table being fixed and gantry moving.
3. The gantry and work table are weld assembly, which was high temperature annealed before processing, was annealed again after half finished machining to remove stress, then finished machining so that ensure stable precision.
4. The machine has 3 numeric control axes; The gantry can make longitudinal movement along the guide(X axis); the power head can make lateral movement along the guide (Y axis).
5. The power head spindle is precision spindle of Taiwan KENTURN , which is driven by special frequency conversion motor and can make stepless speed regulation according to needs. The spindle is BT50 taper hole. The drilling head, reamer or milling cutter can be installed by splice bar. The spindle box has a loose cutter cylinder (air and hydraulic pressure) for easily changing cutters. It also can equip with cutter inter-cooled splice bar to realize high speed cutting.
6. The chip cleaner equipped beside of work table can discharge chips automatically. The drilling use water cooling with the system of cooling liquid providing, recycling, circulating and filtrating.
7. Numerical control uses FAGOR8055 system, with RS232 connector and LED monitor.
8. Protective covers are equipped for X/Y axis guides and lead screw of the lathe. Iron sheet cover is for X axis, and organ-protective cover for Y axis.
9. For ensuring the reliability of the machine, the key components use high quality imported products. See the main spare parts list for details.

Parameter NameItemParameter Value
Max. sizeL X W3000X3000mm
Max thickness 250mm
Work table Width of T slot28/500mm
Vertical slide type drill headQuantity2
Main spindle taper holeBT50
Max drill diameter(common carbon steel)φ40mm(carbide drill)
φ50mm(high speed twist drill)
Main spindle speed30-3000r/min
Motor power of spindle 22kW
Distance between spindle tip to work table300-800mm
(X axis)
Gantry longitudinal move
Max. stroke 3000mm
Moving speed of X axis0-8m/min
Servo motor power of X axis/torque3kW/28.4Nm
(Y axis)
Power head transversal move
Max stroke3000mm
Moving speed of Y axis0-8m/min
Servo motor power of Y axis/torque3kW/28.4Nm
(Z axis)
Vertical slider feeding
Stroke of Z axis500mm
Feeding speed of Z axis0-5m/min
Servo motor power of Z axis/torque3kW/28.4Nm
Positioning accuracy X/Y axis≤0.10mm/ Full length
Repositioning accuracyX/Y axis≤0.05mm
Hydraulic systemHydraulic pump pressure/flow rate6.5MPa /25L/min
Hydraulic pump motor power3kW
Pneumatic systemCompressed air pressure≥0.4MPa
Chip cleaning and cooling  Chip cleaner type Plate chain type
Chip cleaner no.1
Chip cleaning speed1m/min
Chip cleaner motor power0.75kW
Motor power of inner cooling water pump 3kW
Motor power of Outer  cooling water pump0.75kW
Automatic lubricating systemLubrication pressure2MPa
Lubrication point oil injecting amount 0.1mL
Lubrication period 6-10min
Electric systemCNC systemFAGOR8055
CNC axis NO.6
Whole power of motors Approx. 75kW
Overall sizeLxWxHApprox. 6200X6100X3600mm
Weight Approx. 40t

  Main Components List:
NO.item modelManufacturer
Main electric components
1CNC system8055Spain FAGOR
2Servo motor3KWPanasonic
3Servo driver 3KW
4Variable frequency motor for spindleYPNC-50-22-4-B/B5Shanghai Senlima
5frequency transducer of spindle22kwGermany Siemens
Or Germany REXROTH
6low-voltage apparatusALLGermany Siemens
7Business computerLCDChina Lenovo
8Proximity switch  Korea  Autonics
Main hydraulic components
1magnetic valveAllATOS Italy
main mechanical parts
1spindleBT50Taiwan KENTURN
2Power head bearingAllJapan NSK
3ball-screwAllGermany IF
4Linear guideX/Y/ZaxisTaiwan HIWIN or PMI

Spare Parts List
1Proximity switchNormal open1Korea  Autonics
2Proximity switchNormal close1Korea  Autonics
3Indexable insert drill880-D2500L25-051SANDVIK
4Indexable center blade880-05 03 05H-C-GM 10445SANDVIK
5Indexable surrounding blade880-05 03 W05H-P-GM 40245SANDVIK
6Special screw for blade 1SANDVIK
7Bit extension A2B27-50 25 0901SANDVIK
8Spring collet A2B14-50 25 1001SANDVIK
9Spring jacket 393.14-25 1201SANDVIK
10BT Oblique shank drill sleeveBT50xMT41MADE IN CHINA
11HSS twist drill¢501MADE IN CHINA
12Carbide-tipped milling cutter¢121MADE IN CHINA
13Pop-rivet BT50, 45°center cooling2MADE IN CHINA
14Pop-rivetBT50, 45°2MADE IN CHINA
15Photoelectric edge finderOP-201Taiwan SYIC
16BT/ER end mill chuckBT50x ER32-801Taiwan SYIC
17Spring jacketER32-201Taiwan SYIC
18Socket head wrench 1 setWALTON
19Adjustable spanner300mm1WALTON
20Spanner 17-191WALTON
21Screwdriver -1WALTON
22Screwdriver +1WALTON
23Standby paint Yellow, gray2 
24Air gun 1 
25Operation manual  1 
26FAGOR 8055 operation manual 1 
27FAGOR 8055 programming manual 1 
28FAGOR 8055 error troubleshooting manual 1 
29Packing list 1 
30Certification of conformity 1 
31Spare parts list 1 
1Contour block150 mm x100 mm x50 mm15 
2T blockM2010 
3Pressing plate 10 
4Double end studM20,300mm5 
5Double end studM20,400mm5 
6Hex nut M2020 

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