High Speed ​​3D CNC Drilling Machine

High Speed 3D CNC Drilling MachineModel: TSDH-400/3; TSDH-700/3; TSDH-1000/3; TSDH-1250/3Product DescriptionThe maximum rotating speed of the spindle is 3000rpm, which is 4-5 times of the common drilling machine.Adopting high speed, high power mechanical spindle, and the processing capacity is 2-3 times of a common drilling mach

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High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine
Model: TSDH-400/3; TSDH-700/3; TSDH-1000/3; TSDH-1250/3

Product Description
High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine

The maximum rotating speed of the spindle is 3000rpm, which is 4-5 times of the common drilling machine.
Adopting high speed, high power mechanical spindle, and the processing capacity is 2-3 times of a common drilling machine. It is fearless of processing large and thick materials. Highly effective and manpower saving.

Features & Advantages
  1. The main drilling machine body uses three high-speed spindles to drill three sides of the steel profile respectively. Each drilling spindle's row type tool magazine can accommodate up to four types of tools, which can automatically drill four different sizes of holes in one time's clamping material.High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine
  2. The spindle feeding is driven by servo motor, which can realize fast forward, work feeding and fast retreat through program control. The spindle motor is driven by spindle servo motor, the speed is steplessly adjusted, and the speed adjustment range is wide.High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine
  3. There are three headstocks installed, namely the fixed side, the movable side and the upper unit headstock, which drill holes horizontally and vertically. Each headstock can be operated separately or at same time.
  4. The three headstock units are hung on the bed side, and each headstock unit is driven by two sets of servo motors to realize the horizontal and vertical movement of the head stock, which is transmitted by the ball screw drive and guided by the precision linear rolling guide rail.
  5. During the drilling process, the material is pressed in two directions. Above the material, the cylinder drives the pressing mechanism to press the material on the horizontal support roller, and the cylinder on the side drives the pressing mechanism to press the material from the side.
  6. It is possible to convert CAD drawings into machining programs.High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine
  7. The machine can make reasonable arrangements for drilling holes, beam profile material's movement, tool change, spindle positioning, etc., so that two or three of them can be completed at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency.
  8. The feeding trolley has good rigidity and stability, can automatically lift and lower according to the beam profile's specifications, and automatically clamps the material. The conveyor has option for either ordinary type or high precision type.High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine

Technical Parameters
Machine ModelTSDH400/3TSDH700/3TSDH1000/3TSDH1250/3
H Beam Profile's Width Range100~400mm100~700mm100~1000mm100~1250mm
H Beam Profile's Height Range100~400mm100~400mm100~500mm100~600mm
Drilling Spindles Number3333
Spindle TypeBT40BT40 or BT50BT40 or BT50BT40 or BT50
Spindle Motor Power11KW11KW or 30KW11KW or 30KW11KW or 30KW
Spindle RPM100~3000r/min100~3000r/min100~3000r/min100~3000r/min
Drilling Holes Diameter RangeΦ6-Φ30mmΦ6-Φ30mm or Φ10-Φ60mmΦ6-Φ30mm or Φ10-Φ60mmΦ6-Φ30mm or Φ10-Φ60mm
X-axis Maximum Movement Speed40m/min20m/min20m/min20m/min
Positioning Axis Maximum Movement Speed10m/min10m/min10m/min10m/min
Feeding Axis Maximum Movement Speed10m/min10m/min10m/min10m/min
Tool Magazine Numbers3 sets3 sets3 sets3 sets
Tool Magazine TypeRow TypeRow TypeRow TypeRow Type
Tool Numbers12 pcs(4 x 3)12 pcs(4 x 3)12 pcs(4 x 3)12 pcs(4 x 3)
Machine Overall Size(Length x Width)32mx5m33mx5.5m33mx5.5m33mx6.0m
Total Power53KW55KW or 111KW55KW or 111KW55KW or 111KW

High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine
High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine
High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine

Service and Warranty
1.24hr online customer service
2. Offering customized service and OEM service
3. Engineers available to service machinery overseas
4. 12 months warranty for whole machine, excepting the wearing parts.

Packing and Shipping
Packaging: Clean and lubricate the machine and necessary parts before delivery; carefully packed them with protective film, and stably fixed in the container.
Shipping: sea transportation, air transportation
High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine

Company Profile

High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine

High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine

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Exhibitions and Factory Inspection
High Speed 3D CNC Drilling Machine

  1. Which machine should I choose?
A: Tell us your specific requirements for the machine; we will give you perfect suggestions and solutions.
  1. How to use the machine, what should I do if problems occurred to the machine?
A: You can refer to the user's manual or instructions delivered along with the machine; if anything unclear, please feel free to contact us. We will support you by email, telephone or instant messengers. If still have difficulties, we offer oversea installation, maintaining and training service.
  1. Which payment method do you accept?
A: We accept T/T, L/C and etc.
  1. What is the delivery time?
A: The delivery time differs depend on the machine model and the order quantity. Usually the delivery time shall be 15-40 working days after deposit.

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