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2022-06-25 04:11:32 By : Mr. Andy Huang

Live tools for Haas BMT turret; Cart solution doubles AMR payload; Low temperature cabinet oven; Radio transmission probing system; Easy automation for radius ID grinders

An extensive line of Heimatec tooling is available for the new Haas BMT turret. The line includes a variety of driven tools – axial and radial drilling, milling heads and static tool holders. Platinum Tooling also offers specialty tools for this turret including multi-spindle, adjustable angle, and speed multipliers.

The ROEQ TMS-C500 Ext and S-Cart500 Ext top module/cart combo enable Mobile Industrial Robots’ (MiRs) autonomous mobile robot (AMR) to carry up to 500kg payload (1,102 lb), effectively doubling the payload. The design of the TMS-C500 Ext top module also allows transporting cargo up to 1.2m (47.2") length without compromising safety as the emergency stop button is easily accessible. The longer wheelbase of the S-Cart500 Ext increases tilt stability.

The ROEQ cart solution picks up and drops off the ROEQ S-Cart in free space, meaning no affixed floor space or docking stations are needed, giving businesses flexible use of their AMRs in efficient logistics handling where the robots are never left idling.

TMS-C500 Ext comes with ROEQ Assist software that loads pre-coded missions into the MiR robot, which can then be modified in the MiR interface, resulting in quick and consistent application deployments for robust AMR setups throughout the facility.

The Dri-Vault253610 low-temperature infrared cabinet oven is for heating, drying, curing, and conditioning of bonded or coated parts. It features a double-walled enclosure with positive pressure filtered air flow to prevent particulates from entering the chamber, and a 4" (10cm) exhaust duct to remove moisture and fumes. Latched doors with gaskets maintain total darkness during operation.

The 177cfm (5cmm) blower draws filtered air over an industrial stainless steel finned heater at 1,250W/120V or 1,550W/240V. Digital temperature controls allow variable settings from air-only up to 230°F (110°C) in 1° increments.

Situated inside the machining environment, the RMI-QE interface features an updated communication protocol and is future-proofed to support a new generation of Renishaw sensors and smart devices. Using an updated version of Renishaw’s 2.4GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio transmission technology, it and remains compliant with radio regulations worldwide. The system is suitable for applications that cannot guarantee line-of-sight between probe and receiver. It also allows up to four separate tool setting probes or spindle probes to be operated on the same CNC machine.

The Opti-Logic technique, accessed via the Probe Setup app, enables probe settings to be configured using a smartphone. Selectable options displayed on the smartphone screen are transferred to the probe through a two-way communication. This significantly simplifies the configuration process and makes remote diagnostics possible via common applications, including email, iMessage, WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat.

The Studer roboLoad system offers manufacturers simple, seamless part-loading automation for CNC radius internal grinding machines, such as the company’s Studer S121, S131, and S141. Previously, loader integration was intrinsically difficult on these types of machines because of the height of workheads and associated geometric restrictions. This loader meets the geometrical requirements but has a comparatively small footprint. For even more ease of use, it operates without any programming knowledge, allowing for greater production flexibility and a high degree of operating comfort.

As an external loader, Studer roboLoad measures 59.06" (1.50m) wide, half the width of the machine, which saves valuable shop floor space yet offers plenty of room for workpieces manually loaded on six trays – each measuring 42.52" x 12.6" (1,080mm x 320mm).